ATLANTA, GA| World of Coca Cola


Today Hazl and I decided to visit a gem of a place in downtown Atlanta,  The World of Coca-Cola. We went around 1:00 PM, but it opens up daily at 10:00 AM for you morning adventurers and it only costs $16 per ticket—not bad for two curious sisters. I was super excited to visit the factory because when I drive in downtown Atlanta I always see the big "Coca-Cola" sign.

When we first entered the factory we were greeted by a Coca-Cola employee who welcomed us and gave us a brief history lesson of when and where Coca-Cola originated. We also saw some super cool throwback items of when Coca-Cola was first created. Hazl even tried to buy a Coca-Cola, but this machine here was just for looks. The soda machines went way back.

After the Coca-Cola brand ambassador schools you on Coca-Cola history, she opens the door to a world full of wonder! There are several different exhibits you can explore; the lobby, bottle works, the loft, the vault, and a couple of others really cool exhibits. One of our favorite exhibits was the taste test room! Blu and I got to taste over 100 different beverages from the following continents;  Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin American and North America and let's just say some were interesting, while others were super tasty. Hazl probably sampled every single one- my stomach could not handle it!

Before you leave Coca-Cola World they give you an awesome souvenir, a Coca-Cola bottle for free to bring on the road as you exit throughout the gift store.

If you live in Atlanta or just visiting, Blu and I definitely encourage you to check out The World of Coca-Cola!

xoxo, BluHazl

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