Do you ever find yourself just gawking at a bundle of kale in the Whole Foods produce section or at a local Farmer’s Market admiring its prettily perfected ruffled edges? Kale me crazy. G U I L T Y as charged. I do . . . . . . all day, every day and I am P R O U D of it, woo! There are just so many various ways that kale can and most certainly should be utilized in the kitchen. From a good morning green smoothie with a hefty handful of kale to a side of quickly sautéed kale + garlic mix for lunch on-the-go to a delightful dinner choice of a kale salad mixed with a blend of super grains and fresh veggies topped off with a sprinkle of chia and a squeeze of fresh citrus. Kale can be tossed into so many different dishes—it’s I N C R E D I B L E. I mean, talk about versatility! You can have it raw or cooked + cold or warm + for breakfast or for dinner. Shut the kale up, how enticing.

Kale has got to be one of my ultimate go-to greens, of course not just because of how perfectly sculpted a freshly picked kale stalk is but because of the countless h e a l t h benefits that it obtains. Kale is a powerhouse green. Are you like me and always on the prowl for products to aid in healthier skin, hair, eyes and nails? Are you trying to gain a stronger immune system too?

Or are you, like me again, looking to kill more than two birds with one stone searching for a food item that is miraculously packed with vitamins + minerals + anti-oxidants + omega-fatty acids + cell repairing abilities (like what is this kale-nonsense) + lowering risk of future health scares? Look no further, K A L E is here. Seriously. I’m not joking, all hail the all-mighty kale gods because kale does all of this while looking all flawlessly ruffled and fantabulous.

Quick little list of l o v i n g—xo, kale (do not sue me if there are a few left out)

  • Vitamin A + C + E + K + B1, B2, B3 and B6
  • Manganese + copper + iron + fiber + protein + calcium + phosphorous + folate
  • Omega-fatty acids
  • Anti-inflammatory perks + weight-loss friendly

Don’t be a kale hater. Be open-minded. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be daring. But most importantly, have F U N when experimenting!

A few really kale ideas: kale chips (obvis), smoothies, kale stir-fry, kale + avocado + grapefruit dip, spicy-kale stuffed chicken breast, kale + chickpea medley soup and the list goes on and on and on and on!

#KALE 4 PRESIDENT (seriously)