You're so exotic . . .


I love when people say, ” Wow you’re so exotic! Where are you from?”

 Unfortunately my answer isn’t as exotic as they would probably expect.

I reply: “I’m from Boston.”

They then reply: “Are you Cape Verde?”

Me: “No, I’m not Cape Verde. I’m not from the city – but a small town in Massachusetts that’s not so Exotic”


Sometime I just want to say, “yes I’m from Brazil, or yes I’m from the beautiful island ofBarbados” – but NO, I’m from the woods from the chair city capital of New England to be exact. Then I just explain my ancestry which is a lot more cooler than where I was born and raised and yea it’s so totally EXOTIC.


But I do love the word Exotic- it’s a fancier way to say wow you look different. I love different. Different rocks. Love yourself for who you are. Love that you are different. Don’t try to fit in- that’s boring. Be YOU. Always!


Oh and for you “exotical” term users out there here’s the actual definition of Exotic…

 According to Merriam-Webster Exotic means:

1: introduced from another country : not native to the place where found <exotic plants>

2: archaic : foriegn, alien

3: strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual<exotic flavors>


So here is how I will address people when they refer to me as an exotical:

         1. Nope, I’m from the U S of A.

         2. Nope. Nothing archaic or foreign over here. However, at times we pretend to be foreign to add spice to the boring conversations. Oh, and I totally wish I was an alien.

3. Thank You! I love being exciting and mysteriously different from others. #winning


Don’t play yourself by using the term “exotic” or “exoticals.” Learn about the beautiful heritage of someone who is of mixed ethnicity. As Merriam and Webster say, we are strikingly and mysteriously different! #mixedandproud


Xo, Blu