Curly Hair Don't C A R E


Please, and I ask please; do not start patting my hair like I am a dog. I realize you’re not use to this lioness mane in your face, but it’s just hair, and I’m definitely not a puppy dog.

So yes, interracial women have pretty amazing hair. So many different textures wrapped in each hair follicle, it’s pretty darn beautiful. It’s not common to most people to see such volume, thickness, curls and waves all wrapped in one head of hair- so we get it and are super thankful and grateful. But trust me- it’s not that simple to keep up! It’s definitely a process. On top of the maintenance, it’s even more difficult to find a salon/hairstylist that know how to handle such texture.

Growing up with all these curls is even more of a process. I remember as a child I ALWAYS WANTED STRAIGHT hair. I mean solely because all the other young girls had simple straight hair. I guess we do want what we don’t have. Ps- unless you live in a cold climate you’re definitely wasting your time and money; those curls are going to come back ASAP. STAY AWAY from the humidity!!!I remember I use to try and straighten my hair in junior high school so much until my father made me stop and appreciate that my hair is beautiful just the way it is. As I grow older, I totally realized how much I truly love my full head of thick crazy curls. Curls rule the world. Natural is always better baby;)

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Xoxo, Blu