What are You?!?!?!


A world full of color, questions, and stares ->>> WHAT ARE YOU?!?!!?I am a woman. A human. An individual. A daughter and sister.Me: “Oh- You meant what’s my ethnicity?” Them: Yea, like where are your parents from….Me: Right- well my mom is French and Italian and my dad is Bahamian and Puerto Rican...Them: Wow, what a mix!


Here’s the time where I usually say “Yea- thanks to my mom and dad :) ”


But in all sincerity I do thank my mom and dad. I am beyond grateful and thankful to have such a whirlwind of different cultures mashed within me. Being “mixed” or properly stated “Bi-Racial”  or in my case I circle in the dot “More than one race”  ( I prefer to check all that apply) – Multi! … is the best gift my parents have ever given me. Thanks for loving each other for who each of you are, and not for a color, religion, or belief.  Love is love.

xoxo, Blu