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B A E - C A T I O N 

Another day, another get away! This time off to Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic.

My best friend and his wife own a house in Casa de Campo, and they graciously allow me to stay there whenever I travel to the island - talk about friends that become family! This trip is a couple's trip, so Hazl is not with us sadly (she's at home becoming even more amazing) but always in my heart.

Casa de Campo is located in La Romana, and when I say it is beautiful - it is stunning. It is a very secluded resort where people own and rent villas. There's a really cool community there with lots of shops, great restaurants, La Marina, and my favorite part Altos de Chavon! Altos de Chavon is a small village located on top of the Chavon River and is a MUST see when in Casa de Campo - the architecture, the shops and the amphitheater. There is also a nice little beach you can have drinks and enjoy the sun.

This trip was all about adventures.

DAY 1: Buggies

If you go to Casa de Campo, go to the resort and do the buggies tour at Cumayasa. The buggies or go carts if you want to call it are awesome - just make sure you were sand proof clothing, long sleeves, bandanas, and some pants because the sand is blowing all over as your cruise through the city street dirt roads. At Cumayasa they also have a park where you can zip line, or ride this very interesting ride operated by a TRUCK - yes someone gets in the truck drives it forward and you catapult into the air. And yes… I DID IT! I love anything that gives me an adrenaline rush, even if operated by a truck and squeaky wires.

2: Yachts

Go to La Marina, and order whatever boat you want for the day. You can rent a catamaran, a speed boat, or a yacht. My motto is is go big or go home, so we all got a yacht. Remember when you're traveling with friends or family, everything becomes more affordable because it is split amongst everyone. Don't break the bank, but YOLO!

So we jumped on the yacht and went cruising. We went to a couple of beautiful islands nearby including La Palmilla. We docked at La Palmilla, ate some incredible Dominican food, and I cat napped shortly after. I am in love with hispanic food - so tostones -CHECK rice and beans - CHECK plantains - CHECK and I am ready for a nap. I plead with you to dive into the culture of whatever island or country your visiting and eat their local cuisine, it is the BEST thing to indulge in.

Yacht to me means tan, snorkeling, and jam out - and we did just that. I love the waters here in the DR, so clear and blue. My boyfriend and I also spotted a lot of beautiful starfish! PSA: DO NOT take the starfish you find with you, it is illegal - put them back in the water.Soon after the rain started to come in, which made for a cool photo shoot with a dark and stormy background.

Day 3: Altos de Chavon

The hidden beautiful village on top of the Chavon River,  Altos de Chavon, you must visit. The way this place is designed is breathtaking, stone pathways, beautiful brick architecture - it truly is a wonder to see in Casa de Campo. There are shops, restaurants, and views you must see with your own two eyes. The amphitheater in Altos de Chavon is my favorite part. As soon as I stepped into the ampitheatre I felt like a Greek Goddess. The amphitheater is huge! According to my best friend from the Dominican Republic they occasionally have musicals and performers play live at the amphitheater, which i am sure is a sight to see.

Casa de Campo is a enchanting, adventurous and super romantic. I love it there! Casa de Campo, I shall be BACK...

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