What are you doing for HALLOWEEN?

Halloween is coming, are you ready for it? Or are you feelin' like me and totally not feeling Halloween like i did before?

Back in the day, especially my college days, I lived for Halloween. I use to have my costumes prepared by October 1st, knew what party we were all going and went to all the crazy, bloody haunted houses. But as I get older, I feel like I find myself asking myself, " To Halloween or NOT to Halloween? That is the question!"

So as I sat down last night sippin' on some matcha I thought to myself, WHAT THE HEK am I doing this year for Halloween? Will I dress up, will I party? Honestly, I have no clue yet but I'm pretty sure I'll be doing something more chill than usual.

Here are 3 #sobersally ways to spend YOUR HALLOWEEN 2016

1. GIRLS MOVIE NIGHT—is always a bomb idea! Call your sisters + your besties and have the dresscode is PAJAMAS ONLY [and maybe some cat or devil ears to spice it up]. Tell the girls to bring their favorite Halloween treats and drinks while you whip up some goodies, like our yummy lemon matcha cookies. Set the mood, light some candles, and put some pumpkins or black cat vibes all around the room. Next—get cozy, pop on NETFLIX and watch the scariest Halloween movies ever. You down?

2. Be the best auntie ever and bring your nieces and nephews trick-or-treating—this is our GO-TO! Hazl and I are utterly obssessed with our four nieces and nephews and love spending time with them. Grab a simple cool costume and bring the kiddies trick or treating. Who ever gets the most candy wins! If you don't have any nieces or nephews go with your friends who have kids and hang with the cutest little ones for the night.

3. Bonfire, pumpkin carving, and CHILL! Fall weather is here and it feels so good. Grab some sticks and light your bonfire with your friends and fam. Everyone has go to bring a pumpkin to the party and whoever carves the spookiest pumpkin wins! I'm totally down for getting cozy at a bonfire + carving pumpkins this year. Hmmmmmmm....Happy Halloween!

Ps: if you babes are going out, PLEASE send us pics and share your crazy fun Halloween stories with us.

Xo, Blu