LA JOLLA.Pure Bliss


I never heard of this gem, La Jolla, until a friend of ours recently bought a vacation house near the awesome city of San Diego [WEST SiiiiiiDE]. Talk about beauty, peace, fun and pure bliss all in one place. La Jolla is definitely a place I will visit again and AGAIN! 

My sister and I spent three days here and most of it was spent exploring or eating, you know, the norm. If you're going out west anytime soon, or if you're in the San Diego area YOU MUST do these FIVE THINGS IN LA JOLLA:

[SightSee] The Cove: A gorgeous cove that is hidden by cliffs all around, the cove is a place where you can find many people hanging out, working out, or simply enjoying the sounds of the waves. A lot of people come to the cove to snorkel or scuba dive, and sometimes you can even see sea lions. It's the perfect place to take pictures or just relax and simply take in all of the beauty that mother nature has to offer. 

[Entertainment] The Lot: One of the most beautiful movie theatres I've ever been to is here in La Jolla, The Lot. It's one of those dine in and catch a movie spots, where you can order amazing food and have it sent to your seat while watching the movie. The Lot has great vibes and it's a perfect place to grab a drink and mix and mingle.

[Shop] Prospect Street: SHOPPING EVERYWHERE! If you want to shop, you have to hit up Prospect Street. You can check out stores from LuLu Lemon to LF and have a blast jumping into each cute local boutique. There are also many great places to grab food on Prospect street. We must've spent half of our time here just shopping and eating gelato and trust me, it was time well spent. 

[History] La Valencia Hotel: La Valencia Hotel is one of those places you just have to check out. It's one of the oldest hotels in La Jolla and it's pink decor goes unnoticeable. La Valencia is the epitome of modern luxury, located alongside the cove it's simply beautiful. You can stay here in the hotel or grab a bite at the hotel and later check it out. 

[Food] HerringboneWhen you first walk in, it's as if you're walking into a magical forest. The decor in Hemminbird is fun, with a great bar and lounge out front. Out back there are beautiful trees and lights all over that create a whimsical feel where you can sit and have a more intimate experience. The food is delicious! Hemmingbird is a meat and seafood restaurant and has a great brunch on Sundays. I would suggest you try the california king salmon, it was delicious!

Xo, Blu