Did you ever dream about having your own personal spa? Well, this DIY [do it Yo'self] provides you with all the neccessities to create an at home spa in your very own shower! 

Eucalyptus, [this word gets me every time] as you may already know, is a powerhouse plant for relieving symptoms for respiratory issues. Did you know that eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory properties that can help open up your airways?! Well, if you bring a few branches of fresh eucalyptus into your shower, the heat will activate and release the beneficial oils in the leaves which will help fight viral and bacterial infections. Those inflamed airways and congestion will be no match for the powerful combination of eucalyptus and steam. This DIY can boost your immune system as well as help with achy joints. Let's start this spa day off right!!


  • Purchase fresh eucalyptus, it can be found in most flower shops, health food stores, and craft stores—I purchased mine from Trader Joe's.
  • Tie the ends of two or three branches together using twine, cotton, string or ribbon. 
  • Hang the eucalyptus downwards and as close to the wall as you can. The leaves can tolerate some water, but they’ll quickly get moldy if they’re constantly soaked!
  • Now turn up the heat and hop in!

This DIY will have you feeling like you are at your very own spa. ENJOY! Let me know how you feel afterwards in the comments below.

Xx, Codie

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