DIY: As Cool as a Cucumber

How many of you are tired of buying makeup removers that irritate your skin? [hands raising!] Did you know that you could make your own makeup remover pads in just a few minutes? Trust me, making your own cucumber concoction is definitely a better alternative in comparison to store bought versions that contain preservatives that irritates your skin! Let's keep it real, our skin deserves the best, all day everyday. Preservatives are just simply NO BUENO, so say BYE BYE to those in store make up removers because I got you. Here's a "cool" DIY cucumber makeup remover pad technique that I use on the daily...

Here's what you need:

1 cucumber 

1 cup distilled water

4 tablespoons of coconut oil

2 tablespoons castor oil 

Cotton pads

8 oz mason jar



1. Cut cucumber into slices

2. Soak cucumber slices in distilled water for several hours or until water becomes a cloudy light green color

3. Remove cucumber slices

4. Combine coconut oil and castor oil in a pan and turn on stove to the lowest setting until both oils are melted

5. Mix oil and cucumber water together

6. Place cotton pads in a tall 8 oz Mason jar.

7. Pour cucumber water mix over cotton pads.

8. Store mixture in fridge overnight or for several hours for that nice cooling effect 

To use: Simply remove a homemade makeup remover pad from the mason jar. Wipe off makeup, and dispose of the cotton pad when done! 

Tip: For freshest results, use homemade cucumber makeup remover pads within one week, for best results.

Remember, always take care of the skin you're in!

Xx, Codie

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