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For more awesome holistic tips, follow @CODIECABRAL on Instagram

You can place HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS all over the home or even set them by your bedside like I did in the pic above. It gives off a beautiful warm glow as well as blocking blue light.

You definitely need a Himalayan Salt Lamp and you should totally buy one for your sister too, here's why...

Let me start off by giving you a bit of history:

  • Himalayan sea salt is the most beneficial, cleanest salt on the planet. [FACTS!]
  • Himalayan sea salt was formed about 250 million years ago where the energy of the sun dried up all the original, primal salt.


Just like pure beeswax candles, Himalayan salt lamps have the ability to release negative ions into the air. Salt attracts moisture from the air and evaporates it quickly from the heat of the lamp. This simple process is what creates the negative ions. [quick science lesson]

Have you ever had the urge to inhale deeply while strolling on the beach or or when hiking a waterfall? The reason is, the air is full of negative ions and your body is craving more of them!

What is a negative ion you ask? Let me break it down for you. A negative ion is a molecule of oxygen that has gained an electron. Carbon dioxide is a positively charged ion, meaning it has lost an electron. Both positive and negative ions exist in the air we breathe. To make is easy to understand, negative always attracts positive. The negative ions attract and bind to the positive electrons making them immobile.

When we breath negative ions in the air it has reportedly decreased health issues like:

• Allergies, Asthma, ADHD, Bodily stress, Lack of concentration, Low energy, Low immunity, Moodiness, Nervousness

Debris like dirt, dust, pollutants, pollen, and other allergens all carry a positive charge. This allows them to float around in the air where they are easily breathed in. The negative ions released by the Himalayan salt lamps bind to the positively charged debris and make them drop harmlessly to the floor! [BOOM!]

These beautiful lamps are full of benefits as well as beautifying your home. You can find them on Amazon, HomeGoods, and Whole foods. They will make for great gifts this holiday season as well!

Peace + Love,