!!!2017!!!Happy New Year!!!

Some of us think that New Year resolutions are a bunch of horse poop, while others like me, the overthinkers, continously make resolutions every year and then reflect on them to see if they've actually been achieved. Honestly, between you and me, I actually smashed 4 of my 5 New Year resolutions from 2016. The one resolution I didn't achieve was getting my real estate license [MAJOR procastination, FML]. Anywho, let's get to our new year's resolutions. Let's make 2017 the best year yet!

So let's get to it. I have a cool looking journal I keep beside my bed, and every first of the year I look at last years resolutions, reflect, think, and plan for next year's world domination. Resolutions are about YOU, nobody else. Your resolutions shouldn't be about your dog or your man. Take this time to better YOU! Ok, so now that it's all about you let's get to writing + planning. 

Every year I create 5 New Year resolutions [totally up to you on the number, but let's stay reasonable and realistic]. My first one is always based on self reflection, like things I need to personally work on. My second resolution is usually based on love. My third resolution is always a big one, it's that resolution that allows me to reach for the stars [THINK BIG]. My fourth and fifth resolution are career based. Here are my 5 reso's for 2017:

1. STOP the overthinking. 

2. Be a stronger communicator.

3. Create "Brunch with BluHazl" and get published in a major magazine or television network.

4. Real Estate License.

5. Shoot a major brand campaign.

After I list out each resolution I plan out how I will achieve each reso in two to three sentences. For example, after "Real Estate License" I would jot this down, " Complete online course by February. Allot 3 hours a day to read, focus and study real estate. Take test, Ace it, License granted." Got it?! [If you don't comment below, and I can help you with planning your resolUtions this year]. I hope this helps in planning your 2017 world domination!!

KEY: Remember, your resolutions are ALL ABOUT YOU. Take 10 minutes and be selfish tonight, no worries in '17 baby! 

What are your New Year Resolutions? Would love to hear about your '17 reso's -share them below in the COMMENTS section. 

Xo, Blu