Let US re-introduce OUR trainer: Her Name is Lauren

L to the A U R E N [in m JayZ voice]!

New blog, new vibes, same hot personal trainer back in action lookin' B A D as ever, BAD in meaning SO GOOD. #MAJORGoals

For all of you who are new to BluHazl, meet Lauren Williams, our personal fit expert and my bad ass best friend [sisterhood to the 10th power]. Every Wednesday Lauren creates #WOW, also known as Workout Wednesday. Every Wednesday Lauren creates a workout video that we can all do to improve our fitness and add to our daily fit routine. Lauren focuses on building strength,  toning muscles, and being able to be fit anywhere at anytime! So make sure to [surfboard] your way over to BluHazl every Wednesday for a great workout and on Friday for some great fit tips.

So, not to brag but we want you all to know that our trainer Lauren has a pretty extensive resume. Lauren is a Nike Trainer and a head coach at Tone House in New York City. She's also featured as a Qinetic Coach on live streams and is the hottest Wilhelmina fitness model there is [supermodel status]. Last but not least, Lauren has a bomb fitness club called Chisel Club, where you can follow her latest fitness projects and inquire about one on one coaching or online training. Talk about #winning, because with this babe as our trainer we definitely are.

Get ready to sweat, set goals, crush goals and feel amazing! See you Wednesday babes!

Xo, BluHazl

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