PART 3|Workout Wednesday

Follow Lauren on Instagram for more fit inspo: @Lajoy224.

Follow Lauren on Instagram for more fit inspo: @Lajoy224.

Summer's almost over, but that doesn't mean our workouts come to an end. Remember, fitness should become apart of your lifestyle. Staying fit, being healthy and looking how you desire is never seasonal. Staying fit is a personal choice! A personal choice to be better, feel better and do better! So what are you waiting for? [this is the exact pep talk I gave myself this morning, because I have go to do better] You know what time it is! #WOW [Workout Wednesday]

Workout Wednesday is in full effect with Lauren's Part 3 Canada Workout series. Did you miss part 2? Today Lauren created another killer workout that focuses on toning your arms and legs. I don't know about you, but my arms and legs are two areas that I like to keep toned and sexy, so they're sort of like my problem areas. I always focus on what makes me feel best, that's key. Having toned arms and legs makes me happy! So let's go! 

Remember to do each exercise three times to complete the full circuit. For best results, time yourself and keep your intensity level UP. Lauren challenges you to complete this full workout within 45 minutes, think you can handle it? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Xo, BluHazl + Lauren Williams