Get in the INTERMIX

So as you know, I believe in splurging. We deserve it. We work too hard to not splurge a bit on things we love, like clothes and shoes, let's be honest. #YOLO! So every now and then we splurge and we have no shame in doing so. Check out one of my favorite places to splure, INTERMIX.

Intermix has some really cool pieces from amazing designers. The red jumper from Self Portrait, I'm so in love with. It's so sexy, yet classy and extremely versatile. I can wear it to an important event or even on vacation with bae. The Astra cut out blue romper is just beautiful. The materials are so soft and whimisical, and I love the sheer long sleeve! Intermix for the W I N.

Shop our looks below...

Xo, BluHazl