Instagram : @rmdrk

Instagram : @rmdrk

I had a rough week, a really rough one. But as one of our generation’s greatest poets pens, “you don’t always have to be strong...” R.M. Drake smacked me in the face with this one.

Read that quote again, because I’m afraid if you are anything like me you may try to carry the world on your shoulders. This is one of my greatest flaws, trying to carry the weight of everything around me on these little ol’ shoulders [regardless if my shoulders are big enough or not]. So from me, to you, it’s ok to collapse. Last night I collapsed into my sister’s arms and it might have been one of the best feelings ever [besides that new shoes feeling]. By collapsing I allowed myself to let my guards down. Not having to feel strong or fight is such a numbing feeling, a good numb though, because for once you are sacrificing your pride and putting yourself in the arms of a sister, mother, father or friend. Whoever it is you decide to breakdown to, let them embrace you and you, you just B E. Be still. Feel. And breathe. We got your back.

As the saying goes, “I’ve never met a woman that wasn’t strong.” We all are strong. We all fight our own battles daily and we never know what one another are truly going through. So embrace your sisterhood. Be there for your sister, and when I say sister I mean that person in your life who is like a sister to you whether it be an aunt, friend, mother, teacher, etc. Be there for her and let them collapse in your arms. Collapse knowing that it’s ok to be vulnerable because you have support. A feeling like this will make you realize those special gems that are in your life. For me, it’s Hazl, my sister that always has my back through the good the bad, happy or sad. Today I realized our sisterhood might be stronger than ever and for that, I am forever grateful.

I am woman, hear me roar!

Xo, Blu