Travel Angels... I mean Agents

We all have our own guardian angels, and when I say guardian angel I mean someone that’s always there to help you get out of sticky situations. You know, those people that also save your butt when you’re in a rut, like someone you can always depend on. Well I want to share with you my guardian TRAVEL angel. My travel agent might as well be my guardian angel because she literally has saved me in endless travel situations, especially last week when Delta decided to delay everyone’s flight due to the computers crashing [worst travel day ever], but not to my worries. I was A OK, due to KATHY POUNCEY, my travel agent, or travel angel rather. If you don’t have a travel angel yet, you should probably get one. I could even share my travel angel with you?!?! Maybe…

So why get a travel agent? Because that’s one last thing you have to worry about. Travel agents are experts at everything travel and can make your life on the road so much smoother than you think. They also know the best spots to lodge, eat, attractions or whatever you’re thinking about doing on your travels. A travel agent is pretty much a one stop shop for the best journey ever.  Oh, and you don’t even need to be traveling far, that’s when Kathy saves me the most, domestic travels, car transport, and concierge is completely covered when you have your travel angel by your side. It’s as simple as sending your travel agent dates of departure and arrival,  city, time and WAHHHH-LA, you’re living your life like it’s golden!

Here are my TOP 5 reasons why you should get a travel agent:

1. Connections! Travel agents are connected to the FINEST and have ways to get the best of the best at an incredible price. Travel agents have the ability to do things the Internet can’t do for ya! Travel agents connections are bar none.

2. Lowest prices possible. Travel agents have the expertise in knowing when tickets are at it’s lowest and have access to websites we are forbidden from. Who wants to pay full price? Not me.

3. Group Discounts. Again, save save save! Using a travel agent does not only save time, but money. When traveling with a group travel agents have access to the best deals. 

4. Rebook tickets with ease [my favorite perk of all]. Miss a flight? Flight canceled? I can’t count how many times this has happened to me. Call Kathy, she can rebook you in NO TIME. #TravelAngel

5.  Last but not least, you get to travel with zero hassle. Your flights are booked, you're staying at an immaculate hotel and you cannot wait to go explore all the fun activities provided just for you.

Get you a travel agent or feel free to contact my angel:

 Kathy Pouncey,

Bon Voyage!