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Charles Victor

Charles Victor

Finally, a brand that coincides with our healthy and "always on the go" lifestyle, Charles Victor.

Talk about a brand that was created for women like us. Seriously! Designs that are comfortable, full of color, and easy to wear on the road. Let us introduce you to our latest obsession, Charles Victor. Charles Victor is a brand for women who inspire to live a healthy traveling lifestyle. As you can see, the brand takes inspiration from cities all around the world, from New York City to the Amalfi Coast. Charles Victor believes that travel is a lifestyle, so why not travel and live colorfully. Honestly, since I received my amalfi blue san francisico hooded dress, I haven’t taken it off [Shop the Look below]. Charles Victor designs are so comfortable and easy for me to throw on when jumping from plane to plane. It’s perfect for my energetic lifestyle, but better yet it’s even more fun living in color.

Oh, and gets better. All month long receive 20% off your purchase using our code: BluHazl 20. #winning!

As Charles Victor says, “We love women that turn every second of their lives into fireworks.” And with that said, “all I see are fireworks,” [Alicia Keys Voice]. Live bold + live colorfully, wear Charles Victor.

Hazl's Style Notes:

Cherry Blossom Sleeve Sweater

Sunny Side Up T-Shirt Dress

Blu's Style Notes:

Easy Sunday Sleeve Sweater

Amalfi Blue Sleeveless Sweater Dress