Nothing worth having comes easy. So be ready to deal with a bit of darkness. Darkness in meaning trials + tribulations, short days + long nights, failures + success. Be prepared to deal with distractions and ready to be mentally strong enough to deal with your emotions, because again, nothing worth having comes easy. 

Always remember you are a star and that everything you’re working hard for will come to fruition.  Hard work and determination will get you where you want to be. You must believe, especially in the dark. Believe that there is a reason why you’re going through that darkness and learn from it. Every new day is a lesson, so take a deep breath and take it all in. When you’re on your path to success, darkness will appear but stay the course. Remember, no one is Y O U and that is your superpower.

In the end you will shine my darling and you will shine so bright that everyone will be in awe of your sparkle. You will be able to reminisce about your past and smile because you’ve overcome those dark times. Those dark times have made you who you are and shaped your journey to success. You did it, and for that you should be proud.

From me to you, embrace your dark times. Embrace every moment of your journey and take each dark day as another stepping-stone to success. Learn from your failures. Grow from your hardships. Gain wisdom through adversity and be proud of your journey.

Shine baby S H I N E!

Xo, Blu