Simple Mills is bringin' simple, healthy, and delicious, to boxed baking mixes.

HOLD UP, wait a minutethere's a such thing as a CLEAN EATING + REAL INGREIDENT boxed cake mix, cookie mix, muffin mix, artisan bread mix, pancake mix? How? Since when? No. You've got to be pullin' my leg. An actual boxed mix that is nutrient dense? Focused on body beauty?Stop. There can't be. There is NO way [emotions are overflowing] is this actually real life? UNREAL. Hi, please excuse me while I stock my pantry now. YAY!

No joke though, HAthis was 100,000,000,010% all of my thoughts the minute I was introduced to SIMPLE MILLS for the very first time. I was instantaneously obsessed to the point where, I sincerely had to confess my LOVE for Simple Mills to the cashier at the checkout counter + promise him that I was not as "coo-coo" as it may or may not have seemed in buying SO many boxed mixes—however, I made sure to tell him that REAL FOOD is where it's at so HEY BOY HEY, get with it!

I have never seen, held, or fallen in love with a BOXED cake mix [muffin mix, pancake mix, cookie mix, artisan bread mix, pizza dough mix or crackers] that are all created + made with more REAL, minimal, and simple ingredients. Simple Mills has got IT going on. From start to finish, everything is REAL and everything is nutritiously based + solely curated to benefit YOU and YOUR body from the inside-out all the while still tasting like a million bucks of heaven as you float away on #cloud9 with a stack of their freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in hand. #YASSS #goalsachieved

Would you believe me if I told you the list below are the ingredients of each boxed mix, give or take?

  • almond flour
  • coconut flour
  • cassava
  • flax
  • arrow root
  • cocoa
  • coconut sugar

YOU BES' BELIEVE THAT, it's real. All real. From the flour to the flax to the sugar to the arrowroot for a fluffy pancake texture, it just doesn't get ANY better. Each ingredient is packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals + so many nutrients to KEEP the heart healthy! 

As I've been getting to know the brand and understand what they're all about, I can't help but want to shout from the rooftops how AMAZING their products are. They stand behind their mission of creating food that is simple, healthy, and delicious that will make you feel GREAT with seemingly perfect products that you just canNOT get enough of. It warms my heart to know that I don't always have to bake from scratch now because Simple Mills has got me covered. Don't judge. It's real, it's boxed, and it is DELICIOUS. #finally #savinglives1boxatatime

What I genuinely appreciate SO much about Simple Mills is that through their website [here] the team has curated an easy navigation to educate us all to understand as they highlight just how clean their ingredients truly are. They make it easy to learn and comprehend that the coconut flour is packed with nutrients that contain a high-fiber content flours to aids in healthy digestion. They make it easy to learn that coconut sugar is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners! They make it easy to learn that cassava is a complex carbohydrate that will give you fuel for a work out as well as keep you for longer + that the cassava root has the ability to lower cholesterol keeping the heart healthy! #REALLIFE

It's features like this that make me not only appreciate a real brand that holds a high-standard for nutrition, but LOVE them even more for the knowledge they are passing along in a easy-to-read way to their fans, loved ones, and healthily obsessed followers like myself. I just cannot get enough of Simple Mills, but WAIT [take a deep breath here with me for a quick second] did you know they're launching a FROSTING line? Yes. You read correctly, F R O S T I N G that will be are with all the body-loving GOOD stuff. #hallelujah 

And yes, I am 110% over here sincerely so super excited, stoked, fascinated, drooling uncontrollably + shimmy-shaking all over my Simple Mills love as I sit here writing this post biting into a luscious vanilla cupcake with [extra] vanilla frosting for breakfast! HA, #yolo!


Kidding, please don't get lostWE LOVE YOU BABES.