It's not always easy rockin' your natural hair, but it's something that I take pride in. I'm just a believer in natural and loving yourself for who you are. I'm also down for whatever truly makes you happy, so whatever floats your boat and makes you happy I'm down with it. I support you!

But let's get back to the curly essentials. When I'm on the road I usually have a smaller bag filled with all my hair neccessities [life of a curly girl]. I need these three things with me at all times to keep my curls poppin': blowdryer + diffusser, curl wand, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Leave in Conditioner. 

  1. Blowdryer + Diffuser! I despise the hotel blow dryers, they're just horrible. I totally appreciate their hospitality but I always bring my own compact blow dryer WITH my diffuser. No diffuser = CRAZY frizz and NO volume. I canNOT stress enough how important it is to diffuse your curls. If you love volume and want that curl bounce, get a bomb blowdryer with an even more bomb diffuser. I bought my blow dryer and diffuser from Kohls and it gets the job done. I've never been into brands but into quality. Get a blowdryer and diffuser that keep your curls full of volume.
  2. Curl Wand! My curls are never perfect but hey, we can come as close to perfect as we desire with our handy dandy curl wand. I use the wand ONLY to define my crazy curly front pieces that don't like to cooperate [ i never wand my entire head. heat is NO good, but a little wand here and there doesn't hurt]. Again, I bought my affordable $19.99 curl wand at ULTA and it's gets the job done. The key with the curl wand is the size of the barrel. Make sure to get a curl wand that is similiar in size to the shape of your curl, it will help blend your natural curl and the more curly "defined" pieces for a more natural look.  
  3. Leave in Conditioner! Find a leave in conditioner that quenches your curls thirst and bring it with you everywhere! I always buy the TSA certified travel bottles and pour my favorite Heaven in Hair leave in conditioner from DevaCurl and throw it in my travel bag. Locking in moisture is key to having beautiful curls, especially when traveling.

Love your curls, care for your curls, and rock those beautiful CURLS all around the world! Bon Voyage!

CONAIR Wand | Heaven in Hair Leave in Conditioner | CONAIR Compact Blowdryer and Diffuser

CONAIR Wand | Heaven in Hair Leave in Conditioner | CONAIR Compact Blowdryer and Diffuser

Xo, Blu