DevaCurl on the Goooo...

Every time I travel I bring my Deva Curl travel kit with me, literally EVERY WHERE I go!  Let’s face it, it takes a lot to tame these curls and when I travel my hair seems to get even more out of control. And thanks to TSA, I can’t bring all my hair necessities in my carry-on, and I die when they EXPLODE in my luggage [has that happened to you yet?!]. So you must to travel with these amazing travel kits [DEVACURL, my go-to] even if that means taking two travel kits with you along the way.  Oh, and I cannot forget my handy dandy diffuser. Ladies, find a diffuser that’s universal, it will change your life. My hair life on the road is made simple; wash, DevaCurl, diffuse and goooooo!

The question I usually get is, “What do you put in your hair?” I always respond DevaCurl all day, everyday. So I’m going to give you the low down on how I keep my curls moist and pretty on the road using my travel kit from DevaCurl.

Rule number 1, cool water is your friend. Yes, I know, we all take hot showers but the hot water is not good for your curls. Whenever your washing your hair make sure the water is cool. Tip:I do most of my styling in the shower while my hair is wet, the best way to style curls. Now, grab your DevaCurl kit and get to work.

First, grab DevaCurl No-Poo and clean your hair with this healthy, no sulfate product. Next, use the Deva Curl One Condition and thoroughly condition my hair, water, product, water, product. Now, this is key for me when I’m on the road. I never completely rinse out all of my conditioner, instead I keep it in my hair sort of like a leave-in conditioner.

Next, while your hair is still wet and you’re out of the shower, use the DevaCurl light defining gel in sections. I have a lot of hair, so I use a generous amount in each section of my hair. I split my hair in four sections, turn my hair upside down, and scrunch the defining gel upwards into my curls to lock in the moisture. Depending on the thickness of your hair, that dictates how much product you should use. I use a lot of product, which is why I travel with two DEVACURL travel kits. After DevaCurl product is in, I use an old T-shirt [or anything cotton] to minimize the frizz. I do this by flipping my head upside down and scrunching my curls upward, releasing some of the excess water.

Lastly, I use my diffuser if I have time to dry my curls in order to get volume [I love volume]. I’m a believer in the bigger the better baby! In order to create more volume, using a diffuser is the way to go. Again, flip hair upside down and use a diffuser in an upward motion on cool, or warm.  If you don’t have time to diffuse, air dry is the best way to dry, so roll down your windows and let the wind dry your gorgeous locks on the road.

The final piece in the DevaCurl travel kit is essential for Day 2 and Day 3 curls. DevaCurl Set it Free is great for 2nd and 3rd day old curls. Use Set it Free by spraying your curls and twisting your curls to mold that beautiful shape back into your locks. Spray all you need to help keep the frizz to a minimum and your curls shiny and soft. WahhhhLah, your curls are officially poppin'!

DEVACURL to the rescue, everyday, on the road, everywhere you go!

Xo, Blu