T H I S Mindset



I'm in love with quotes. I love reading them, I love thinking about them, I just freakin' love the inspiration that words can provide for us. I follow the Instagram account @MINDSETOFGREATNESS and their inspirational words get me every time. Sometimes it's like they're watching over me and know exactly what I'm going through at that exact time [creepy]. Does that ever happen to you?

The quote above from @MINDSETOFGREATNESS reasonated with me deeply this morning because I see people doing this daily; chasing acceptance + approval. And I absolutely hate the word I N S E C U R E [been there done that] because insecurities literally cripples your well being, which then leads to the next destructive word... overthinking. Jeesh, now that I think about it, there was a point in my life when I was THAT girl. THAT girl who wanted to make everyone happy, who had the weirdest insecurities which then lead to my mind being overloaded with unneccesary B.S. that would cloud my mind on the daily. [Wipes forehead] I remember those days, and I definitely don't miss them. BYE FELICIA!

But I get it. We all have our own journey in life and sometimes our experiences and the people that surround us make us to feel some type of way. Or honestly, we as an incredible human being don't really see how incredible we really are. So we do all that negative stuff to feel like we belong, to feel wanted. Oh man, I hated that feeling. I felt stuck, unhappy, and hopeless. THANK G there's 7 billion people [I'm guessing] in the world and I lived to see another day, because I was able to change my mindset. Yea - ME! Honestly, I finally realized my greatness! I, as in Y O U, have to recognize you're flippin' awesome, regardless of what johnny, jim or jane think or those Instagram or Tumblr folks believe. Don't, and I beg you, ever feel like you have to CHANGE who you are to ever feel accepted or ever feel the need of approval. All those things that you are uncertain about learn to accept your quirks and embrace them because baby that's what makes YOU, Y O U, and trust me people love when they see individuality [so sexy]. Lastly, stop overthinking! Although that's so much easier said then done [I'm GUILTY] I've found it's best to keep your mind occupied with things your passionate about, whether it's a hobby, a tv show, job, or talking with a friend. When you start to feel yourself overthinking, pause, and let it go. OVERTHINKING KILLS YOUR HAPPINESS. I kindly ask you to think positive, world changing, sparkly, 18 karat gold thoughts! Don't let any negativity cloud your beautiful mind, you're too awesome for that. Start discovering you and your superpowers and let your mind connect with your soul and SHINE BABY SHINE!


Thanks to @MINDSETOFGREATNESS for this powerful quote.

Xo, Blu