Monday Mantra for LIFE

Ladies, let this be your daily MANTRA! I can NOT stress enough how important it is to know your self-worth + value. Once you recognize how special YOU are, you will find that there's never any need to compete with anyone, EVER. Because guess what, I can tell you right now, THEY DON'T EVEN COMPARE!

I found this quote this morning while surfing and it hit me. It hit me because it may be the REALEST quote I've ever seen, especially in this generation of social media. Everyone is always comparing each other based on images [which are usually altered + filtered], gossip, or videos. The more followers you have, the "COOLER" you are [such a joke]. Unfortunately, nowadays that's just the way the cookie crumbles. But don't "follow" this new age, where you're simply comparing yourself to a highlight reel of someone else's life. Never compare yourself to anyone, because no one is you and that is YOUR MAGIC.

Once you recognize your self-worth you will develop this self confidence that NO ONE can touch [trust me, CONFIDENCE is our most powerful tool]. I'm talking about that self-confidence that commands a room as soon as you enter. You know, that confidence that screams, I love ME! That confidence that exemplifies that there is NO reason to compete, because baby, you don't even compare. #ByeFelicia

Xo, Blu