curly or straight, THAT IS THE QUESTION?

Us curly girls have a special super power where you can become another person in a matter of an hour. You know, that hour it takes for your blow out and BOOM, the new YOU has arrived.  Instantly, you become a whole new woman with a completely new look. #GiftsofaCURLYgirl

Although I only get a BOMB blow out once every two months, I do like to change things up once in a while [ I never blow my hair out often because I refuse to allow the heat to damage my curls, but once in a while does not hurt]. You guys know how much I love my curls but I also dig my straight hair because it’s just easier to manage. I don’t know about you, but when my hair is straight I just pump some dry oil in my hair, spray a bit of dry shampoo, brush here and there and I’m out. Straight hair to me means convenience, especially when traveling and we have several events to attend. Seriously, I always have a tug of war whether or not I prefer my hair curly or straight [real life struggles].

Needless to say, when I straighten my hair I immediately tend to miss my curls! So my question to you is: How do you prefer you hair, CURLY or STRAIGHT?

Oh and fellas, get you a curly girl, it’s like having 2 women in one. Xo, Blu