Monday's Mission

I feel like it’s about that time we get this PARTY STARTED right!  

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You know, that sisterhood that my sister and I cannot wait to create, share + celebrate. Yes, we are talking to YOU beautiful. Regardless of your age or place of residency, it’s time that we amazing women come together and support one another, guide each other and help one another in this journey of life. Remember, dreams don’t happen overnight + we all could use some guidance. Living in this digital age, we can all unite digitally and create an unbreakable bond and everlasting relationships. Whether we create bonds over style, nutrition, fitness, travel or simply girl talk + sharing stories LET'S DO IT!

Need ideas on what to buy your Dad for Father's Day? Need relationship advice? Having a hard time dealing with situations at school? Or maybe you just need tips on how to do a natural makeup look [like ME]? Well, that's what sisters are for! We all can help one another + guide each other in life. On the other hand, sometimes some good ol' girl talk will do just the trick [these are the best kind of nights]. 

One of the reasons my sister and I created is because women would always comment on our sisterhood and say, “I wish I had a sister!” Well guess what, that’s what we are here for. Not all sisters are created by blood, and trust me we are lucky to have such a tight friendship as sisters because not all do. Furthermore, we urge you and YOU to join us NOW as we create this one of a kind digital world of sisterhood! You IN? Subscribe below and share it with your friends and family + look out for our first “Girl’s Night” October first.

We’re all sister’s here!

Xo, Blu