Today is all about building strength, which means BOTH mentally and physically. Mental fitness comes hand in hand with physical fitness. You have to have your mind ready and focused to keep your body healthy AND fit. It's not always easy getting out of bed or off to work and mentally say, "let's get this workout IN" + then actually do it. Sincerely deciding to faithfully workout routinely is one of the hardest mental battles I fight daily. You know how we do, "I'll start tomorrow" or "I ate good today, I can skip my workout for the day."

"We probably have the most excuses ever when it comes to working out," Lauren says, "but ladies there ARE no excuses. Your health is your wealth. Let's be our BEST every single day and let's start NOW, but building strength both mentally and physically."

Well, you heard Lauren, let's GET TO IT.

Lauren created this solid strength express workout that will get your fit day started off right.

Remember, NO excuses! 

Master trainer and Q coach, Lauren Williams, gives you a 20 minute strength workout that you can do anywhere with no props. Trust us when we say that she will push you to your max. Check out her tips as well on Qinetic.com