flower power

Be like a F L O W E R and BLOOM

Do what flowers do and simply G R O W. Take as much time as you need and just keep growing. Don't worry about how fast the other flowers are growing because each of us flowers will grow at our own pace. Some flowers will take longer and others faster, but every flower attains its own beauty along the way.

Keep in mind that when we grow, we will change. Change is good. While we're changing, we're growing and learning new things and applying them to life which forces us to grow even more. So don't even think about competing with the other flowers around you. One day you will bloom baby girl and YOU will be such an astonishing flower, a flower unlike any other. For this reason, you NEVER need to compete. YOU don't need to look anywhere but within yourself. YOU are the only one that can stunt your growth. YOU are your only competition.

So Grow. Learn. Change. Never Give Up + Stay positive. 

 We can't wait to see how beautifully you blossom.

Xo, Blu