I’m finally [slowly but surely] coming to terms with the fact that summer is slowing fading and we’re heading into F A L L so super soon—cue the pretty leaves changing color, pumpkin spiced morning muffins, cinnamon apple tarts, pies, pizza + all of the fall inspired fashion!

I’ll be missing those scorching hot summer days here in Atlanta, but I’m so ready for some cooler weather that’s for sure. With the season change comes a whole ‘lotta new, exciting, dope + fun things to bring to you beautiful babes! #YAYYYYY

Every Tuesday I share a segment of my nutritional tips with you all—whether it’s breaking down the body beauty benefits of [lemons] and [spinach + blueberries] or introducing you to one of my favorite body beauty products! Tuesday has seriously become one of my favorite days of the week because #thisiswhatilive4. Today is a SUPER exciting day for me because I have one of the most anticipated body beauty “things” to share with you all, but FIRST—let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you ever just wish you had a pal who would go to the store for you with their nutrition cap on + pick you out a bunch of nutritiously based snacks, oil sprays, superfood powders, on-the-go chews—or really, just a variety of body loving products—made with REAL INGREDIENTS + then put them all in one bag, deliver them to you leaving you with just one task: solely open the bag and enjoy? Wouldn’t that just be the like the #biggestlifesavor and the BOMB DIGITY?
  2. Do you every find yourself at your local food store searching high and low for ALL of a bunch of nutritiously based products you’ve recently discovered after you’ve been doing research to boost up your body beaty from the inside our or after you’ve just seen your favorite health-conscious Instagrammer ‘gram about a bomb smoothie, meal or snack they made using products you’ve never seen or heard of. Seriously though, sometimes being able to find products you’ve seen outside of the store are the hardest to find. #staywithmehere
  3. Are you really just trying to be better and get your body beauty game back on track, but truly don’t know where to start, what to start with, or how to start finding some of these body loving products?

If any of these 3 questions sparked ANY kind of emotion in your body or you find yourself sitting on the other side of the screen chuckling at any of the questions nodding in agreement, NOD NO FURTHER.

Allow me to introduceeeee to you: The Well Necessities [TWN] Collection of the cleanest, gluten free, and vegan food products created and hand-picked by Lisa Hayim MS, RD!

Lisa Hayim is a Registered Dietitian and the founder of The Well Necessities Nutrition + TWN Collection and lives true to her "eat real food, live well" mantra that correlates to the foundation for living a healthy, balanced, and happy life! We say N-O to the processed and unidentifiable ingredients found in foods everywhere and give a big ol' Y-E-S to the food that contain a REAL ingredients to fuel our body properly to promote optimal health and aid in protecting us from diseases! I've personally been following along her journey through Instagram [@thewellecessitites] for a little bit over a year now + can I just tell you she is #GOALS in so many ways! From her clean eating recipes that make you want to lick your phone screen to her yoga routines, I cannot get enough. I truly admire women who stand behind #realfood, who are ALL about it, and PROUD of it! GO ON GIRL, #keepkillon'thegame!

I’m SO excited to be able to present you with one of the coolest things—a “bag” that is stocked full of seasonally based GF and VEGAN food products that is your ANSWER to each one of the questions asked above. Yes, you read that right. Nutrition made E A S Y, #winning! Each season, TWN Collection will provide you with a surprise bag that is packed with "functional foods that contain at least 10-15 full and sample size on-the-go snacks, natural healthy alternatives, nutritional supplements, and trusted lifestyle essentials." Each bag is personally selected by Lisa and a doctor that have their "seal of approval" and I promise you, it doesn't get much better than this! WAIT, I lied. It does. All of the food products provided in the bag are 100% vegan [although that doesn't mean you have to be], but I tip my hat to no animals being harmed in the making of TWN Collection! So let's all get the HEALTHY PARTY started take a stride in consuming more nutritiously based products to allow us all to continue to be the BOMBEST humans possible!

ps, use our code: BH10 to receive 10% off your purchase!