Let's SWEAT!

Are you sweating right now? I mean, all fun things require sweat right? [wink, wink]

So let's GO! Lets sweat babes. Stick to your resolUtions and don't quit! 

Happy Wednesday fit babes! I hope you're having a BOMB week. Today we are getting our workout in with Lauren and learning 3 strength moves for our body. Now remember, building strength comes in time. Personally, gaining strength is my fitness goal for the year - to become stronger! I want to become a stronger woman from the inside, out. "We all need to build strength, even if you're a beginner. And we all have to start somewhere, so let's start NOW!" - Lauren.

Thanks for these tips Lauren, I'll be using these moves tonight in my workout for sure. Here are 3 great must do moves to help start your strength building journey. Let's get this workout IN!

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