New year, same besties, that’s the beauty of sisterhood.

No matter the time or where our lives may take us, our besties/sisters are always right there! Sisterhood is that one constant in life that I am forever grateful for. Let’s face it, our sisters are the ones there through it all, especially when it comes to dealing with this roller coaster we call life. So best believe this year will come with more hardships, more breakups, and endless challenges but don’t sweat it, we got this!

Here are 5 ways to help your sister push through in 2017:

  1. When her and the bf are fighting, play Beyoncé's Lemonade immediately. Look, when it comes to guys, it’s never going to change and we’re not going to have all the answers. BUT, we do have BEYONCE. Go for a ride and jam OUT, let your bestie let out her rage as Beyoncé sings all of her troubles away. [but please no bats!]
  2. Be her positive light, when all else seems dark. Family problems, work issues, or even it’s just a bad day, always remind her that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your bestie will go through dark times, but that’s what you’re there for, to guide her, to believe in her, and always be her positive light.

  3. Listen to her crazy. Let’s face it, life gets crazy sometimes so our thoughts become even crazier. Never shoot your bestie down, listen to her crazy and embrace it. Remember, all that crazy is just apart of her charm.

  4.  Encourage her 24/7.  Be her #1 fan all day everyday, that’s what besties are for. We all need cheerleaders in this game of life, so encourage her always and never let her lose hope.

  5. Just be there. It’s literally that simple. Sometimes we just need our besties there, even if it’s just to watch the latest SCANDAL marathon, or to sip some win and vent. Be there for your bestie this year, whether you’re a phone call a way or a skype away, answer and simply, just be present; be an ear, a shoulder, a sister.

When us sisters support each other, trust us, we become unbreakable! #SISTERPOWER

Xo, BluHazl