Bake the CAKE!

And no, we're not baking any Betty Crocker cakes over here!

It's Wednesday, it's time to bake, meaning workout, that cake, meaning that boo-TAY. Summer time fine, here we come!

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday beautiful people! Lauren, our personal trainer, has created an awesome 3 part Cake Bake series that focuses on our lower body, legs and butt - which is exactly what I personally need to work on. Think you can handle it? Let's go!

Lauren wants to hear about your sweat - shoot us a comment below and tell us what you want else you want to tone.

Make sure to follow our personal, superhot, supermodel, globetrotting trainer, Lauren Williams on Instagram @Lajoy224 and her workout page, @chiselclub_byla.

Remember, No Pain, No Gain!