As told by the BIG SISTER...

Let’s be honest, having a sister is like having an automatic best friend from Thursday through Sunday, turned arched nemesis Monday through Wednesday.  Sisterhood is like on and off again relationship, but the love never fades. That’s what special about sisters, no matter what they’re fighting about one, “shut up and hug me,” can cure any problem. The love that sisters share is unparalleled and unlike any other bond. If you’re lucky enough to experience sisterhood you my friend are WAY up, you are feel blessed.

To keep that bond strong, here are 10 rules my sister and I live by:

1.     If you wear her favorite shirt, please have it cleaned and hung EXACTLY where she had it placed. Look, I don’t care if you wear my stuff, but please put it back where you found it. And if you ruined it, buy me a NEW one, trust me, WE SEE EVERYTHING!

2.     Sisters always before Misters, major girl code. If your sister needs you, but your heading to dinner, tell your man you need 10. Call her, help her, always make time for her FIRST because she would the same for you.

3.     Always tell her when she has something in her teeth. I could go to 5 meetings with food stuck in my teeth with NO ONE telling me, “hey, you have something in your teeth.” Your sister however will be the FIRST to tell you when something is wrong with your appearance. She always wants you looking your best.

4.     When she messes up, help her. We are humans, and sister humans are the most sensitive. If she does something wrong, especially little sisters, help her because she’s not perfect. Even if “you told her so,” that’s what sisters are for.

5.     Be her #1 fan. Always and forever, I’ll root for my sister bar none. My sister is an extension of me. When she wins, I win.

6.     Pay for Uber once in a while. Little sisters, we love you but can you please pay for uber once in a while?

7.     Always be an ear to listen. Even when you don’t want to listen to the same story over and over and OVER again, just be patient. Your sister needs you most, so just sit, be patient, be kind.

8.     Forgive her. Forgiveness is the key to sisterhood. We fight, we argue, we may even pull hair, but saying sorry and accepting her apology will make life so much smoother. Forgiveness is vital.

9.     Tell her when she’s wrong. You have got to be honest with you sister 24/7 no matter what. You have got to have her back and be her right hand, even if she’s wrong, she needs sincere feedback.

10. Help her get it right! Always be there to pick you sister up, dust her off, and tell her to try again! You’re her #1 fan, so let her know that and never allow her to give up! #SISTERPOWER

Xo, Blu