I'm not much of a frequent flyer at salons to say the least and my hair is my biggest safety blanket ever. Ever. Literally. Since 8th grade, I haven't cut it, hardly got trims unless my Mum forced me, and have stayed away from color until the summer of 2016 when I decided I wanted to go lighter. REAL. LIFE. So you can only image how anxious I truly get when booking an appointment at any salon for any service. To be 110% honest with you all, each and every single time that I walk into a hair salon—my nerves are through the roof. Anxious that a trim will lead to 4+ inches. Anxious that my hair color will be all sorts of messed up. Anxious that the stylist won't be able to see my vision. Anxious that the worst will happen. Always. 

PLOT TWIST—nothing was the same once I was introduced to Sassoon Salon. There was something so soothing about the aura of the salon once I opened the big pretty glass doors of Sassoon Boston. I'm super into decor and immediately was drooling (not even exaggerating) over their sleek white style with touches of silver. Everything was sleek, clean, and just made me feel like I was someone important. #YASSASSOON

I was greeted by the sweetest girl with the most fierce bob and was instantaneously taken care of. As I sat there waiting for my appointment, I found myself EXCITED. AS. HECK. (nerves were on the back burner) to be there and so ready to get my hair did by two hair queens in Boston—assistant color director, Jennifer Miranda and assistant creative director, Lena Vinnitsky!

I spent an AMAZING afternoon at @sassoonboston with the two of the most professional, talented, kind-hearted, and knowledgable babes in the hair game—Jennifer (@j_enn.m) and Lena (@lenavinnitsky).

These two, wow. Incredible. They killed it in all realms and surpassed my expectations. SO. MUCH.

Since going super light (more like a golden blonde) last summer, I accumulated a horrible case of the 'copper-undertones' which made my cringe, all the time. I loved being so light, but despised how my hair took to the color—it required a whole lot of maintenance and money to maintain. Jennifer DID. HER. THANG. and brought my hair color back to life with lowlights and a toner to achieve the prettiest color. I've ALWAYS had long locks and it's become my safety blanket—to have someone like Lena know that and work with me in cutting just a few inches off while giving me BOMB new body with layers to my hair WAS. EVERYTHING.

Not only were Jennifer and Lena receptive to what I wanted to do to my hair, they talked me through every single step and were so knowledgable! Jennifer explained 2-3 different hair color options that she felt would work, look BOMB AF, and still keep my copper undertones in control. Having options is always, ALWAYS a plus. Lena knew from the start the love I had for the length of my hair and explained to me why it was so crucial for her to trim a few inches off and give my hair some body instead of just keeping it one length. Not only did these two know their stuff, #hairgoals, they were so kind and so personable—we talked about our families to how they got started doing hair to even what we all enjoy doing outside of work. 


I am over-the-moon thrilled to have the opportunity with Sassoon Bostonthere's nothing better than having the sweetest team that is so welcoming, knowledgeable, and SUPER talented. It's all love. GO. AHEAD. and make yo'self an appointment now. Hurry. Now. GO. Go!

ALSO, one more thing.

If you babes have ANY hair questions—whether it's how to control frizz, how to get volume, or what products to use for your type of hair—LEAVE YO' QUESTIONS BELOW and the queens, Jennifer and Lena, said they would gladly answer them for you!