Girl, You Got This!

Our very first book, Girl, You Got This, is officially here!

Girl, You Got This is a woman's guide to loving herself and her tribe.  

Girl, You Got This, is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, and on Ibooks for the Iphone device.

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+ Self Love + Nutritional Recipes + Fitness + Do it Yourself

Girl, You Got This, is an book created by us four women who dream to inspire you to live your best life holistically, physically and mentally. BluHazl is a space for women to connect and embrace sisterhood because we believe that we are all sisters here. Sharing our passions through nutritional recipes, health + wellness, and empowerment has created a community of strong and committed women who want to live their best life surrounded by powerful and supportive women. Girl, YOU got this.

What you will find in our book:

  • 5 self empowering love letters and 5 inspiring quotes, that will make you realize that loving yourself is the most important choice you can make, including loving your tribe. 
  • 10 nutritional mood boosting recipes, from breakfast to smoothies that will jump start your every morning. D'Ana believes in cooking with minimal ingredients to create quick, flavorful, and fun recipes.
  • 10 solid workout circuits to add to your fitness journey. Lauren says, " Our bodies are capable of incredible thins, it is our minds that need convincing."
  • 10 all natural, life changing DIYs. Codie shows you how to do it yourself, with real, minimal ingredients to create your own products that are beneficial for you.

What are women saying about, Girl, You Got This:

Titi's Passion says: I love this quick read packed with useful information for everyday living. From the recipes, practical exercise, diys and the words shared about sisterhood. It's the perfect gift!

Claudia says: A must read for any girl that's conscientious of her mind, body and what she puts in it. Love your body and love your Tribe. This book is bible for all women.

Erikka Hart says: This book is a powerhouse of uplifting and motivational information especially for women! It covers all of the things that mean the most to us; how we look, how we feel, how we eat, how we take care of our bodies and how we take care of those we love. This is a book I know I will reference many times through the year because this is timeless empowerment and self love! It shows how powerful a woman who takes care of herself can truly be! Sisterhood at its finest.

We love hearing your feedback and how, Girl, You Got This, has impacted your daily life. Please continue to share you stories with us. Remember, we are all a work in progress, Girl, YOU Got This!

Girl, You Got This, is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, and on Ibooks for the Iphone device.