Remember that song? From Ashlee Simpson? No? Click here. I would literally (don't judge) play her album over and over. I was obsessed. I truly don't know why I listened to that dang album looking back now, but HEY—we all go through those weird music stages. Right? HA.

Anyways—now that I'm on the subject of love, today is Valentine's Day and I'm wishing you the sweetest and most love filled day of all. You deserve it. YAY. Cheers to celebrating a special day (as everyday should be) filled with love in so many different ways because after all, what is the world without love? Love. I love love. Love is kind. Love is precious. Love is one of a kind. Love can build you up. Love can shatter you to pieces. Love is so incredibly powerful. Despite the ups and down that love may bring, I know you show love to others (or maybe you don't) but what I really want to know is do you love yourself? Like that real, true, deep, and genuine kind of love?

Do you?

Regardless if your answer was yes or no—I want you to celebrate today with yourself, for yourself, and even by yourself today! It's Valentine's Day. It's here. There's not getting around it. It doesn't matter if you're single, in a relationship, on the verge of being in a relationship OR maybe even just currently unavailable. I can dig it all. I'm making today all about YOU. There's no better love than the love you give yourself. I promise you that. Not just today, but everyday we need to be loving ourselves and celebrating the love we share with deep within ourselves. It's magical and what I really need you to do for me, is promise that you'll start to take strides in loving yourself for how perfectly imperfect you are. 

A few weeks ago I shared my thought on my body beauty: everyday self-care habits and today, I'm sharing a few little tips in ways I show love to myself from myself by myself. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly. 


  • TIME AWAY. Be still. Carve out "me" time, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Whether it's just 10 minutes sitting in your favorite chair by the window sippin' on a freshly made matcha latte OR meditating, reading, yoga! Find what relaxes, eases, and calms your spirit and then DO. THAT. Everyday. Time for yourself on a regular basis is imperative—ask yourself what do I need today and do that for yourself. It doesn't matter how simple or complicated it may be, do it. Don't forget.

  • LOVE. ON. YO'SELF. For real, for real. Love yourself because at the end of the day, DO FOR YO'SELF as you do for others. This is where I personally struggle, bad! I love to be able to do things for others—whether big or small, I love putting a smile on a loved ones face and just letting them know they're loved to the stars! BUT, now it's your turn. You have to make things about yourself. Not on a conceited level, but on a self-appreciation level. You are BOMB AF and deserve it. Don't forget that. We have to learn to treat ourselves and do things outside of your everyday routine. For example, I grew up a shower kind of chick—for the past few months I've been taking a luxurious bath weekly. And by luxurious, I just mean a warm bath infused with my favorite essential oils AND maybe an all-natural bath bomb. For me, BATHS are are something that I do for myself to really unwind, relax, and just be. Baths are my way of celebrating myself during the week like, "HEY D—you're a dope chick. You're doing good things, stay positive." HA. I love it. You have to be your own #1 fan! 

  • AFFIRMATION. Your thoughts will make you or break you. I've been reading The Secret and when I tell you your thoughts are the MOST. POWERFUL. thing you have in speaking your life into existence—believe it. What you think will become. What you feel will become. What you say to yourself will become. What you repeatedly ask for, wish for, and pray for WILL become. Trust. Your thoughts are magical. Begin by removing the negative and replace all those thoughts with positivity, reassurance, and affirmations—I am the master of my own thoughts. I am strong enough to get through any bump in my journey. I am capable. I am worthy. I will succeed. I am loving, kind, and deserving. You'll be surprised by how much your mood will change by positive affirmations. YOU are the master of your thoughts. YOU hold the power of what you think, feel, and believe!

  • POSITIVITY. Always. Have positive intentions. Positive mind, positive soul, positive life. Every morning, write down positive thoughts and messages to keep your mind in a happy place. Realize the areas that you need to bring positivity into your life and start conquering. It takes constant reminders, but consistency is key. Take strides into finding the light at the end of the tunnel.