DIY: Are you Lactose Intolerant?!

I am lactose intolerant, OR so I thought I was...

[TRUE STORY] One day while grocery shopping in Idaho, [a state where raw milk isn't illegal] I saw two bottles of raw milk from a local farm, MOOOOOO! I was quite curious to see if I would have a reaction to milk in its natural and raw form, so I bought the cow milk. Down that hatch it went and to my surprise... NO REACTION, AT ALL! No horrible symptoms, as I usually have drinking pasteurized milk, and my stomach felt surprisingly normal. So why didn't I have any reactions to raw milk as I usually do with pasteurized milk? 

FACTS: The milk in the grocery stores where we often shop are very rarely, actual milk because of the pasteurization, ULTA pasteurization, and homogenization as well as the synthetic vitamin A & D - in other words, the "fake" stuff. And by the way, Synthetic vitamin D is the worst thing for your heart muscle!! [seriously, not good]

So are you really lactose intolerant or are you pasteurization and homogenization intolerant?

For more holistic inspo, follow our babe  @CodieCabral

For more holistic inspo, follow our babe @CodieCabral

Various studies show that pasteurization itself, can make it hard to digest milk.And don't get me wrong, there are very few who can not tolerate raw milk, but again, very few. With that being said, there is a GREAT documentary I recommend you watch called Farmageddon,  that will make you question: Why is raw milk really illegal?

The next time you NETFLIX + CHILL, watch Farmageddon on Netflix and discover if you really are lactose intolerant or not. It's time to start giving our bodies real foods that help our bodies, instead ones that cause harm. 

Please watch Farmageddon! Please inform! Please Evolve!

Peace + Love, Codie