Let's be real, stress is a natural part of life. I find myself stressing over just about every dang thing that is about to happen, has already happened, or will happen on a day to day basis. It doesn't matter what it is, I'm stressing. How do we even define stress other than: HOLY PEARL, WHAT IS MY LIFE! I'm cringing, Crying, Help. SOS. Send the troops. Need back up, now!

HA. Funny, but not funny.

Stress creates the biggest headache in my life, and I'm sure yours too. From stressful family relationships to stressful decisions we all have to make about our future. Yay. Stress. Wow—I may or may not be okay, but I just keep telling myself that tomorrow is a new day. Breathe. Just breathe. Shall we meditate now or later?

As uncanny as stress might be for some, stress is actually a necessary biological response. Yes. I mean, I'm not hootin' and hollerin' over it, but it's actually normal-ish and naturally occurring because it promotes adaptation and survival of essentially all the ways our body functions through the cardiovascular, immune, neural, autonomic, inflammatory and metabolic systems!

Is it crazy to think that stress can potentially be helpful? Yes. It can be. Studies have proven that stress has the ability to ignite memory. OKAY, bare with me—you know if when you’re cramming and studying for an exam last minute? Stressing. Well, think about, the stressful experience of a last minute cram session will facilitate the content of what you've been studying to learn.

Our brain is the main conductor of stress and will determine the severity of stress threats and controls behavioral psychological, and lifestyle responses. Essentially, the brain dictates to us how we cope with stress whether it's through positive or negative health-related behaviors from sleeping, exercising, eating, crying, panicking, smoking to drinking alcohol, skipping class, or secluding ourselves from the world + people around us daily. Stress is capable of changing the brain through persistant indication and triggers of stress.

KIND OF A REALLY BIG DOWNER, but there are ways to alleviate stress. 

It all stems from affirmation of positivity, good vibes, good auras, good self-esteem, and just creating a positive outlook on life. Finding a way to support yourself or even allow others to lend a hand in supporting you in a positive way is crucial. Be resilient. It's about continuously recovering from detrimental moments in your life and allowing yourself to overcome those trying times. It's about recovering from stressful moments and it's about being able to sense when stress is coming.


We have to, and I repeat have to, be honest with ourselves and address what is causing ourselves stress. School? Family? Finances? Boyfriends? Girlfriends? Career? Food? Weight gain? We have to learn the trigger. You get it. I get it. Stress is inevitable, but if we address the vital lifestyle habits as in sleep, exercise, and nutrition that has the ability to combat stresswe can practice ways to cope with stress in a healthy manner. 

Nutrition. Nutrition, Nutrition.