Be My Valentine!

Will you be my Valentine?

Awww, do you remember those good ol' days when you use to buy the coolest Valentine's Day cards and pass 'em out at school? And do you remember saving that ONE special card for your crush?! Well, I actually don't remember. BUT, I do always remember being festive on Valentine's Day wearing red. 

I LOVE LOVE! I love Valentine's Day and all the sappy-ness that comes with it. I also LOVE dressing for this lover or friends holiday because let's BE REAL, Valentine dates are either super awkward or EXTREMELY SPECIAL. The question is, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?

I usually stick with 3 different styles for V-Day, cute casual, sensual sexy, or classic evening.

I curated a couple different vibes that could fit each of these scenarios. If you don't have an outfit yet, snag one below and just LOVE babes. LOVE cures ALL! 

xo, Blu