Where are all my brave BLONDE curly women at?

Because blondes have more fun right?! 

I see you and I hope you see THIS! You babes know I've found my hair gods at Sassoon Atlanta right? You can watch my first experience with Sassoon here, but let's be honest, when you're a brunette turned blonde, colorists will become your best friends. Not only your bff's but the ones you trust with ALL your CURLY heart!  I like to keep it real, BLEACH dries the hek out of our curls so you must have a great colorist who knows how to color and treat your hair. Obviously my Sassoon colorist Danny has my back, per usual.

My roots were getting OUT OF CONTROL and it was definitely time for a touch up. I hate when my blonde starts to grow out so fast that my hair looks ombre; nope, not my goal. So to achieve my #hairCOLORgoals I went back to Sassoon so Danny could hook these roots up!

Sassoon Colorist: Danny

Here are 3 tips that I learned when coloring roots:

  1. USE FOILS! When you have a lot of hair like me, Danny explained that using foils allows the colorist to have more control of the root and color.
  2. Treatment immediately after coloring. PSA: Curly girls, your curls need to soak up as much moisture as possible. Please put a treatment in your hair immediately after color, like Olaplex or Kerastase Fusio Dos.
  3. SPEAK UP! I never use to speak up in salons, but our stylists at Sassoons are like our professional friends, so it's nice to be able to speak our mind. Always be honest and open.

Thank you Danny for my amazing color!

Back to blonde baby, shoutout to Sassoon.

xo, Blu