This past weekend was a complete dream come true. My sister and I have been wanting to put together an event redefining sisterhood for quite some time now and FINALLY, we did it. It was more than I could have ever imagined. To be honest, I was so dang excited for this whole idea to finally come to fruition, but at the same time I was respectfully waiting (and wishing) that "something" would miraculously pop-up and I would have to miss part of the event.


I know you're probably saying to yourself, "What in the world? GIRL, it's your event—why wouldn't you want to be there? Why wouldn't you be excited? Why wouldn't you be counting down the days to meeting all of the beautiful, talented, and extremely ambitious women of Atlanta? You're coo-coo. Get it together." Let me tell you, one word: introvertYes, as much as I am super out-going, happy, always having fun everywhere I go and always have the biggest smile on my face............. I'm also so closed-off, shy, quiet, and awkward when I'm somewhere new where I don't know anyone. It's like as bubbly as I am, I'm also the biggest mute. I get all weird and kind of stand-offish when I'm in an environment all by myself, with no buddy, and having to talk to new people! It's insane.

Being an introvert makes me want to stay in, not put myself out there, and stay within my comfort zone. Being an introvert has 110% made me miss out on things that I've been invited to that I knew deep down would have been so much fun and beneficial for me to attend, but talked myself out of it. Being an introvert is one of my biggest hinderances.

STOP. RIGHT NOW. i know  it's easier said than done, but YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP SHUTTING YOURSELF OUT.

What I learned this weekend was that there is no way you will progress through life by staying quite, shy, and in your own lane. You will never connect or network with the right people by staying inside. You will never meet a mentor, a forever friend, or even a potential business partner by staying in. You will never grow by staying in. You have got to get out of your own mind—you're beautiful, intelligent, and really do have something going for yourself. All you have to do is believe and have a little faith. As daunting as this world may be, there's a path that you're destined for and hindering yourself will only stop you.


There's a whole wondrous world out there waiting for you. Take a chance. Take a leap of faith. Take on a new opportunity that will make you step outside of your comfort zone and push you to be see yourself in a whole new light. The feeling will be like nothing you've ever felt. The feeling will take over your soul and really show you that you have more to offer the world and you have more to see in the world.