Can we have a moment of honesty?! I really don't love lifting weights everyday. You know why? For four years of my life in college I was stuck in the college weight room lifting weights like a man and my body completely transformed. I loved my transformation, but I'm not at that same stage in my life as I was 9 years ago (JEEZ, 9 years already!) What I really love is staying fit and healthy and feeling good.

So today I encourage you to do what you love.

Hazl and I both love playing basketball so I'm going to sweat and get all my cardio in today on the court. I'll do some drills and then jump in a couple of games to get my heart rate up. If basketball isn't your thing go for a run, walk the dogs or just walk a couple blocks. OMG, or go BOXING! That's my favorite workout of all time. If you want the best stress relief and cardio workout throw on some gloves and get a punching bag and just ROOOOOOAR it all out. Whatever you love, that's what you should do and you should add this to your weekly fitness routine. Always do what you love. You will love your workouts 10 times more and be so much more happier! Trust me! 


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