Follow our personal trainer + supermodel bestie Lauren,  @Lajoy224

Follow our personal trainer + supermodel bestie Lauren, @Lajoy224

I  want to get physical, seriously. Actually I need to get my ass physical and WORK OUT like NOW. I've been slacking so hard this week and giving myself that damn excuse; I'M TOO BUSY! [and I know, I'm not the only one] I mean honestly, I have been swamped and exhausted at the end of the work day, but am I really too tired to work ON ME?! Like seriously, think about it, this is YOUR ONLY BODY, YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE CARE OF IT 24/7 because no one is going to take better care of YOU, THAN YOU! PSA: Excuses are BS, but we all do it. Let's get fit and take care of ourselves for a change - YOU WITH ME?

" I get it, we all live busy lives and we all have a lot going on. But in order to be the best YOU, you have to make your health and fitness a number one priority. That's why I've made this homebody workout series for you; 1. it's convenient 2. you can do it in your one home 3. you don't need much besides a mat. Set aside some time for Y O U and your body. Love on your bod and fight through the pain and mental blocks. You will see results, trust me. You can also go back to any homebody series 1-14 and combine the workouts together to create your very own homebody circuit. Trust me, you're going to feel the burn! Allow that sweat to drip because baby, all that means is that YOU'RE loving' YOU! Let's get it!" - Lauren

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