There isn't anything more I've grown to love in such a short period of time than my visits to Sassoon Salon. From the babes to the vibes to the magic that's always happening—I just cannot get enough. There's a beautiful sense of a sleek elegance mixed with a very "at-home" feeling I get from the minute I step foot into any of the Sassoon Salon's and am welcomed with a big smile, it's just everything to me. And it's pretty safe to say I'm obsessed. It's real life.


I've been on a mission to get back to my #natural hair color after spending last summer as s subtle blonde. I loved the color, just didn't love the 'dang copper-undertones I would always get as my roots would start to grow. Ugh. Not to mention how high-maintenance the color was and how much effort it required to keep me point at all times, no thank you. Too much. Sorry not sorry. I love my hair, but trying to be a "blonde" as a natural brunette is no longer my cup of tea. I've been passed on the torch to sister to keep!

Any who, when I knew I was going to be visiting the west coast for 10 days I knew I had to try and make my way to the Sassoon Salon in Beverly Hills. I had to. I 'friggen love California and with a little help by my Sassoon babes, we made this happen! It was a #gamechanger. For real, for real. This trip has been a little bit of a massive whirlwind, but I'm still breathing. I'm gucci. I wasn't feeling too well at all Tuesday morning when I woke up for my appointment (and I even considered calling to cancel.............) but I sucked it up, put on some bomb AF ripped Zara jeans and got to steppin' out the door. As much as I wanted to surrender and wave the white flag that morning, I wasn't about to let a nasty little virus stop me!

new hair, who 'dis?

I'm so dang thankful I pulled it together long enough Tuesday morning to visit the salon and allow Dianne Degnan, Creative Director, and David Clark, Assistant Creative Director, to work their magic! Seriously. Dianne is absolutely one-in-a-million and even just having the opportunity to sit in her chair that morning was a dream. Her story was inspiring, her spirit was captivating, and her color skills were perfection. We talked about getting my hair back to its natural color and that was exactly what we accomplished together. The process was effective and end result was literal #goals of a pretty brown color with subtle hints of a caramel-like balyage throughout. Dianne, thank you! To my fellow Bostonian David—thank you for letting me talk your ear off about all things blogger-related and for understanding. And for laughing along with me! You just get me. David is so incredibly kind, talented, knowledgable, and I could literally have just sat in his chair all afternoon listening to all of his hair advice and expertise suggestions! I promise I'll listen. Thank you David for giving me the prettiest blowout and for your #reallife suggestions on how to maintain my length in a much healthier way. LOL. I promise next time I'm back in town it's me, you, and your scissors! And my sweet Anthony—THANK you for being your beautiful soul and being my right hand man!

Not only do I leave sassoon salon with bomb new hair (always) i too leave with a few new friends. and that to me is everything.