Who's getting MARRIED?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly, so glad he put a ring on it girl, YOU DESERVE IT! And lastly, are you ready for the big DAY?! Lauren's workout today is made with so much love exclusively for you beautful brides, and it only takes 10 MINUTES. Stop stressing, everything will be AMAZING!

Our BFF Codie is getting married and she wants to drop a couple LBS before her big day. Does every bride do this?! Lauren has teamed up with Health.com to help you bride-babes do just that with a 10-MINUTE workout. It's a race to the altar. Ready, SET, gooooo!

"This 10-minute workout will help you burn fat, trim inches, and sculp ALL over for your big day!" -Lauren

I would love to see pics of your amazing bod in that dress when you say, "I DO!!!" x, Lauren