There isn't a day that goes by where my mind isn't spinning around trying to ensure that I've received enough #realfood through out my day let alone making sure to carve out time to work out, respond to emails, cook for clients, and plan my next day. No one is perfect. No one is normal. What even is normal? I'm tossing out the notion of normal and replacing it with healthy.

I do 110% indulge in some #xtra crispy french fries when the chance presents itself and I may or may not respectfully skip a workout every so often. Everything in moderation. It may seem like a 'very hard' thing to be a nutritiously conscious human being, but I promise you with just a little help and guidance—you'll be implementing these #5 body beauty tips (that I swear by) into your life to aid in preparing yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and bodily flow. 



WATER. Always, always, and I sincerely reiterate ALWAYS stay hydrated. There's no excuse acceptable for not allowing our bodies to function properly due to dehydration because our bodies are made up [as adults] of 55-60% water, #reallife. From our skin to our joints to our brain to our lungs, our bodies are replenishing water through ingested liquid and foods constantlyso cut out the sugary 'cool' drinks you see advertised on the television, cut out the soda, alcohol, and Smoothie King smoothies the size of our heads and get back to WATER. Water keeps our body's temperature regulated, nourishes and protects the brain, spinal cord and other tissues, lubricates our joints, and most importantly helps remove unwanted waste from our body through perspiration, urination, and bowel movements. Water is key. So let's start by setting a goal to start reaching towards to ensure that we start [today] drinking #MORE wateryou'll see so many changes once you begin to consume at least 1 gallon of water a day. You're skin will be glowing, your energy will be through the roof, and your body will be functioning better than ever. #livingtestimony  


REAL FOOD. Let's make a conscious effort to eat and buy #REAL food. I know I say this often, but real food meaning unprocessed, non-GMO, and no foods made with fillers or words that we can't properly pronounce. I'm not saying you can't buy anything at the grocery store [relax], but what I am telling you to do is to be able to read EVERY single ingredient that is listed on a food label of a product that you're considering for purchase. When reading the nutritional facts [no, I do not necessarily pay attention to the numbers] focus on the INGREDIENTS—know that less is best, organic is a beautiful thing, and that if you can't pronounce or 110% know what an ingredients is STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE and put it back on the shelf. Keep an eye out for #sprouted products [they are AMAZING] because sprouting creates enzymes that make plant preteens, essential fatty acids, starches, and vitamins more readily available for absorption. Look for brands that make it part of their mission to create real food with real ingredients and STICK with them! 


EXERCISE. Stay active, stay sweating, and stay having fun while do it. KEEP moving. Whether you park in the very *furthest parking spot at the grocery store EVERY time you make a trip or even if it's a long walk around your neighborhood in the morning before your day gets started, get TO IT. Keeping your body moving is crucial for life longevity, wellness and will keep our bodily organs stimulated—when you're physically active, your heart gets trained to beat slower and stronger, so it'll need less oxygen to function well + your arteries get springier which in return pushes your blood long better and your levels of 'good' cholesterol [HDL] rise! When you get up and get moving, your whole mind-set will respectively change for the better because exercise has been proven to improve certain aspects of cognitive thinking. So don't get down and out about having to work-out, encourage yourself to make YOU a better YOU or heck, every Wednesday you can join us over here [on the blog] for #workoutwednesday where we get after it hard and get our sweat on! #jointhesquad


DO MORE BY DOING LESS. Life is about living in the moment, enjoying the views, and being proud of what you have created for yourself. We all work really hard to achieve the countless amount of accomplishments that we set forth, but through all of those long nights + rushed mornings—were you living in those moments or nearly existing? I'm guilty of just merely going through the motions from time to time, but let's try not to get so extremely caught up in creating a life to live that we don't necessarily 'live' the life we have created. Now, that may sound a little confusing, but bare with me—you have to consciously live EVERY single day, breath every breath of fresh air, and be present. So stop and take a minute out of your day to talk to an old friend who keeps calling, go and visit your grandparents for a hour and listen to their stories, and drive to the highest point in town to watch the sunset. It's all worth it. You'll be able to look back and with a BIG smile on your face, you'll be proud of the life you lived.


LOVE YOURSELF. Nothing in this world will ever genuinely matter unless YOU love YOU the most. Allow your flaws to become a happy part of you, cherish them. No one will ever be like you, believe that. When things get hard, know that its for a reason—to make you stronger. What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. Know that you're not always going to say and do the right things and that's fine. You're not here to be perfect, but to be real. You are you, that is your superpower.