The effortless FIT SLAY by none other than our trainer,  @Lajoy224

The effortless FIT SLAY by none other than our trainer, @Lajoy224

Get up off that couch or chair, get your mat and let's learn these three killer moves from our babe of a trainer, Lauren Williams. Spring has bloomed and we are too! It starts with getting a good nights sleep[ as hazl discussed here] to get your energy on another level. Babes, its as easy as grabbing a mat in your own home, turning on BluHazl and saying, "I'm doing this shit and I'm starting NOW." I find that's our hardest issue with working out, JUST START and START NOW! 


"Trust me, once you get in the fit groove your life will change, physically and mentally. Changing your lifestyle will happen over time, but you just have to START! Start TODAY, Y O U  got this! Let's get fit together!" - Lauren

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