Is it just me or am I the only one who has the biggest issue with getting up and 'outta bed in the morning? I would rather set 4 alarms and snooze those alarms 8+ times to get those extra minutes of broken up sleep (guilty) rather than respectfully getting my booty up 'outta bed and READY to take on the world. My eyes never want to open—it's as if they're glued shut and someone is playing a nasty little trick on me. It's horrible.

insomnia is TOO #REAL.

Please tell me I'm not alone here? I know there has to be someone reading this that can relate (or even just kind of relate) to the restlessness chronicles. HA. Although my sleep habits are something I've been facing for quite awhile now, it's definitely not all the way normal. Low energy, fatigue, body aches, exhaustion you name it—I 99.9% probably felt it, feel it, or will feel it tomorrow. I feel like we all (including myself) try to do it all because that's what women do. We juggle multiple jobs at once, wear many different hats, put others first, and sometimes forget to take care of ourself first. We're expected to be invincible and to be honest, it's overwhelming. I need sleep. You need sleep. We all need sleep. Why doesn't sleep come as easy for some?


The world, our world, has transformed so 'dang much in this modern day and age to pure chaos and extreme hectic schedules. There are countless factors that aid in our day to day exhaustion, but the biggest energy draining factor is the lack of self-care and the lack of proper nutrition. What I've learned, studied, and seen first hand is the vicious cycle of trying to live on too few calories, poor food choices, and the urge to just keep going as an individual skimps out on sleep. It's the—I'm too busy, I don't have time, I don't know, I don't care, I don't want to, I'm too tired—mentality that enables individuals to be okay with not taking care of themselves. Not to mention, because of this mentality individuals turn to the wrong enhancers like caffeine, sugar, 5-hour energy shots to "help" them stay awake and attentive. Sugar is addicting. Caffeine is just bad, EW. Energy shots will solely lead to a blood sugar roller coaster to cause hormonal chaos. Caffeine and sugar are toxic for our hormones and will make you more exhausted by overloading your adrenals and burning you TF out. I like to call this mentality self-sabotage. I am so MF guilty of this (although I don't actually drink coffee or take 5-hour energy shots) we ALL are self-sabotaging our overall well-being, hormonal health, and making ourselves much more susceptible to health issues further down the road.

How do we fix this? There's only one way—we have to face this fatigue epidemic head on and cut straight to the root of the problem. We have to stop putting a little baby bandaid over our exhaustion by thinking that quick fixes, supplements, and excuses are only way to get through our days. No. No! It's all about sincerely taking the stance in self-care that will promote proper nutrition, sleep, and natural energy.


With my own crazy sleep patterns, low energy, and sluggish behaviors—I've kind of become like my own personal master of boosting my own energy levels so I can push through everyday without making ANY excuses. Here's how:


EAT REAL FOOD EVERY 3-4 HOURS. There's truly no other way to combat exhaustion than with real food more frequently. We have to stop living with that idea of three meals a day because one of the most common mistakes I see are individuals who are skimping on calories, skipping meals, and waiting until the "right" time to eat. No! By not consuming (real) food every 3-4 hours will make your body more prone to energy lumps—it's not healthy to allow your blood sugar levels to drop below stasis (a period of inactvity. 


START MAKING ENERGY BOOSTING SMOOTHIES. Ditch the coffee (or at least let's start to try) because the constant intake of caffeine with being to deplete your adrenals in the long run. Adrenals are a gland located on top of the kidney that produce hormones that help control the heart rate, blood pressure, the way body utilizes food, regulate levels of minerals in the blood, and other functions involved with stress reactions. Smoothies are the new hot camaraderie—let's start implementing these every day as a breakfast side or snack even to promote sustained + slow releasing energy! *Maca will become your new BFF. 


FLUSH OUT EXCESSIVE CORTISOL. Cortisol is known as the "stress" hormone that can (in high levels) aid in anxiety and depression if not released daily (and properly) from the body. Cortisol is a crucial hormone to protect overall health and well-being, but too much is never good. Exercise. A small amount of high-intensity exercise will 110% aid in increasing your energy levels, fitness, and get that body and instant stress reducing flush of cortisol. Even if it's just 60 seconds of jumping jacks, 60 seconds of running in place, or 50 burps when you're feeling sluggish during the day—it may sound silly, bit it'll work. Try out some of our at home exercises that we share evert #WORKOUTWEDNESDAY if you don't want to leave the office, brave the winter cold, or are caught up on a conference call. Get moving!


B-100 COMPLEX SUPPLEMENT. Low energy is a common cause of B-vitamin deficiency. B-vitamins are *key to our metabolic functions so much so that if you're constantly feeling tired, weak, and sluggish due to a poor diet and an overbooked schedule—I'll bet your B-vitamin intake is pretty dang low. B-complex vitamins help the body convert calories into energy as well as improve mood and reduce stress! A supplement of B-100 complex contains most of the B-vitamins that our bodies need, I repeat most of. I'd suggest taking a B12 supplement too.


GET MORE RESTFUL SLEEP. A good night's sleep if the foundation for enhanced energy. Take the time to unwind, relax, and slow down the body. Be at ease I've noticed when I drink hot water will lemon, ginger, and turmeric before bed my body is at a much more peaceful state. Turmeric and ginger aid in body detoxification and regeneration overnight. Having a warm drink before bed will have you waking up feeling  more relaxed, refreshed, and ready. In addition, try our girl Codie's essential oil sleep potion spray on your pillow before you lay down to help you ease your mind, relax, and destress.