DIY: Essential Oils

Let me tell you a little somethin about essential oils, and most importantly about essential oil diffusers.

Babes, EVERY home should have one!

Essential oil diffusers can improve your health, increase your energy, and even help you sleep better. With the right essential oil concoction, you can have the perfect mood booster or sleep aide. This is great for inspiring high spirits during the holidays, to set a positive atmosphere for a business meeting, social gatherings, you name it! I was having difficulty sleeping for quite awhile, once I fell asleep my mind would just keep racing away from me, not allowing me to reach any point of rest. Before I reached insomnia, I decided to take my oil diffuser out from my living room and move it on in to my bedroom. So, I took my all time FAVORITE brand of products from Melaleuca.

 BUT HOLD ON - I need to rave about this amazing company real quick, MELALEUCA...

Melaleuca is an online wellness shopping club, which is pretty much equivalent to holistic, natural disney land for me! Obsessed!. Melaleuca only provides products that is safe for you and your home and allows you to live clean without the hazards or harsh chemicals. FINALLY, a store I can trust! Melaleuca's products require less water to make, less fuel to ship, and LESS PLASTIC to package. It's all around better for the environment and your home. Talk about pure Utopia! Am I dreaming!?! Can someone PLEASE pinch ME! Any product you can think of, you name it and they pretty much have it. It's always important to support businesses who are doing it RIGHT and Melaleuca is the home of so many great natural and environmental safe products. I love this store so much!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Follow  @CodieCabral  for more holistic inspIRATION!

Follow @CodieCabral for more holistic inspIRATION!


  • I fill my diffuser up with water, add a little mineral salt to the water to help the oil break down and blend.
  • Take the Melaleuca Lavender essential oil, drop 3 to 4 drops into the diffuser.
  • Let the diffuser run while you sleep!
  • TIP: Feel a cold coming on? Drop a a few drops of Tea Tree oil in your diffuser. Tea Tree Oil works as an army destroying all the bad bacteria stopping the flu in its tracks! 

I cannot begin to tell you how much the essential oils and diffuser has helped put my mind at ease and feel completely relaxed. I literally fall asleep like a baby, every single night!

I wish a deep and restful sleep to you all!

Love + Wellness,