Although I love giving gifts, especially on Mother's Day, I also believe in spending time with the ones you love, and this Mother's Day I suggest you do just that. Even if it's just for an hour, your mother will appreciate it more than you know.  I mean, we can always shower our moms with gifts, but like my mom always says, " it's not the same when you're not here."

Here are FIVE things you can do this Mother's Day that your mother will appreciate more than any handbag or gift card...

  1. Brunch! Mother's Day is this Sunday, so that means that there are restaurants all over that will be having specials to commemorate mothers. Make sure to call ahead for reservations, and tell mom ya'll are going on a brunch date. Enjoy brunch while you talk, catch up, and simply say THANK YOU, MOM. I LOVE YOU.
  2. Cook for her! Look, I'm not a chef, but I can cook a little something. Hazl on the other hand, will definitely cover me on this and cook up a storm. Surprise your mom and show up with some groceries, let her know today she needs to rest, supper will be served momentarily. Cook her fave meal, or a childhood meal you use to love. Trust me, whatever you cook, your mom will love! 
  3. FACE-TIME! I know a lot of us are on the road, or live far away and might not be able to get home this Mother's Day, so call in, FaceTime or Skype date with your mom. It doesn't matter how long, or how little time you spend on the phone, just spend it. Ask you mom questions that honor as mother; " What was you favorite thing about raising me?" "How did you learn how to be such an awesome mom?" " If you could go back and change anything mom, what would it be?" - Love on your mom and let her share her story with you as a mother also known as, #SUPERWOMAN.
  4. If you can't afford brunch or dinner, write your mom a letter. Get personal with your letter, [see here for letter inspo] and just let your feelings pour out onto paper. Thank your mother for choosing to raise you into the person you are today. Write her and let her know how she has impacted your life, and how she has shaped your views on motherhood. Always let her know she's the best and that she deserves the best always and forever!
  5. Go for a WALK. I've always believed in the little things because the little things are what matter most. Pop up at your mom's house and ask her to go for a walk. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Sometimes walking with someone side by side in a serene space, allows us to share an intimate moment together. Whether you're walking the dogs, hiking, or just walking the block, simply let your mother know you are thankful for her and that she is appreciated for all she does. Let her know that you are proud of the woman she has become.

Share a moment with your mom this weekend and make memories this Mother's Day that will last forever.💕

Xo, Blu